Theatre Survey

1. The most underrated musical:
Tick, Tick… Boom!

2. A musical that makes you happy:
Book of Mormon

3. A musical that makes you sad:
Next To Normal

4. Name your 5 favorite songs from a musical:
“Seasons Of Love” from Rent
“Radio” from Memphis
“High Flying Adored” from Evita
“You Don’t Know/I Am The One” from Next To Normal
“Being Alive” from Company…only if it’s sung by Raúl Esparza

5.  First musical obsession:
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

6. Current musical obsession:
Here Lies Love

7. A musical that was cut too short:
Tales of the City. I only saw a short run in San Francisco. I’m really hoping it could continue it’s journey to other theatres or at least have a cast recording released.

8. A musical from your favorite composer:
Sweeney Todd (Stephen Sondheim, I really like Sondheim as a person. He is so brilliant. I’ll admit I do listen to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s work more.)

9. Favorite Off-Broadway musical:
Tick, Tick… Boom!
…if we’re only counting ones that I’ve seen Here Lies Love is pretty close.

10. A musical that you once loved but now you hate:
Can I go with one that I just hate? Vanities.

11. A musical that you hate:

12. A musical that is your guilty pleasure:
Mamma Mia?

13. Favorite Broadway Divas:
Kristin Chenoweth. Idina Menzel. Elaine Paige. Sierra Boggess. Alice Ripley. Bernadette Peters. Ok I better put Patti LuPone in here before she gets upset.

14. Favorite Broadway Divos:
Raúl Esparza. Adam Pascal. Ramin Karimloo. Hadley Fraser. Aaron Tveit. Levi Kreis. Steve Kazee. Anthony Rapp. John Barrowman. Max Von Essen…stop me.

15. Top 5 Favorite Dream Casting:
– Raul Esparza as Sweeney Todd in “Sweeney Todd”
– Raul Esparza as The Phantom in “The Phantom Of The Opera”
– Hadley Fraser as Guy in “Once”
– Alice Ripley as Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard”
– Kris Phillips as The King in “The King & I”

16. Top 5 Favorite Characters:
– Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard”
– Bobby in “Company”
– Mark Cohen in “Rent”
– The Phantom in “The Phantom Of The Opera”
– Tracy Turnblad “Hairspray”

17. Female Character(s) You Would Play In A Musical:
I’m not qualified to be anything, but if looks and vocal abilities aside it would be Norma Desmond, Diana Goodman, Tracy Turnblad, Eva Peron, and Mimi Marquez.

18. Male Character(s) You Would Play In A Musical:
Once again abilities and attributes aside it would be Frankie Valli, Che Guevara, Huey Calhoun, The Phantom, Roger Davis, and Bobby from “Company.”

19. Favorite Actor & Actress Performance seen live:
There are way too many to mention, but I was very impressed seeing Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal reprising their roles in “Rent.” They seemed to embody those characters well. I also saw Ramin Karimloo in “Les Miserables” and was impressed in his drive and passion (much like his Phantom, but sadly didn’t see in person). Seeing Alice Ripley reprise her role as Diana in “Next To Normal” was also very memorable.

20. A musical you would have loved to see on stage:
Evita with Raúl Esparza as Che. It toured here, but somehow it flew under the radar. I regret it all the time since it’s one of my favorite shows and favorite actors rolled into one.

21. A musical that disappointed you:
Jesus Christ Superstar. I love the musical, but have failed to see a good version of it.

22. Favorite adapted musical:

23. The musical that you’ve seen most recently:
Lizard Boy

24. A musical that was robbed of the Tony:
Next To Normal. Although I love Elton John and thought Billy Elliot was a pretty good show, but it didn’t even compare to how Next To Normal made me feel.

25. A musical that you think is overrated:

26. Least favorite musical from your favorite composer:
Assassins (Stephen Sondheim). I chose this one mainly because I hate all the guns that go off. That fear overpowers anything else I could possibly feel about this show.

27. A musical that had a huge impact on you:

28. A musical that you’ve been in:
Well, I got picked out by Million Dollar Quartet‘s Elvis Presley during “Hound Dog” and got serenaded. I guess we can also count my “mooing” during Rent. During Rocky I was part of the audience that went onstage to watch the boxing match. Then during Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 I was part of the onstage audience when Anatole (Lucas Steele) decided to sit down and wait next to me. I really wasn’t sure what to do at that point.

29. A musical that you’ve seen more than once:
Rent, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Chicago have been my most frequented…

30. A musical with the best choreography:
Chicago. All that Jazz (and Fosse!)

31. A musical that you know by heart:
Rent, Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard, and Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to name a few.

32. Best revival of a musical:
Company with Raúl Esparza (specifically)

33. A musical with the best costume design:
The Lion King

34. A musical with the best all around cast:

35. Favorite musical of all time:
Probably Rent, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, or The Phantom of the Opera. I’m pretty fanatical about those ones in particular.

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