Writing Kevin Taylor

Event: Writing Kevin Taylor
Date: February 23, 2017
Run: February 17 – March 5, 2017
Location: Issaquah, WA @ Village Theatre First Stage

Writing Kevin Taylor Program & Set

Writing Kevin Taylor Program & Set


Writing Kevin Taylor was my first experience of attending a Beta Series Performance. The Beta Series is a program that test out and develop new musicals with the help of Village Theatre and their audiences. It has been awhile since I’ve personally been to Village Theatre’s First Stage location. I still remember their pre-renovation look with rickety stairs and a claustrophobic booth.

Back to the show. It was written by Josh Halloway from Jimmy Kimmel and NOT the dude from Lost (book & lyrics) and Will Van Dyke (music & lyrics).

Writing Kevin Taylor is about a man, Kevin Taylor, who is a writer for some Martian sci-fi novel and going through a divorce with his wife (Julia) of four years. Due to the separation he has boxed himself into his apartment and struggling to follow up his previous successful book. Due to an off-shoot appearance on the Today Show (being interviewed by Matt Lauer) he becomes a viral sensation and also pushes a 15-year-old boy (Tyler) to come knocking at his door. Tyler is an eager young aspiring graphic graphic novelist who wants to be Kevin’s intern. However, when he finds himself meeting Julia he devises a plan to try and reunite Kevin and Julia by posing as the writer’s long lost illegitimate son. Over the course of the summer Tyler pushes for Kevin’s approach on life to win back Julia.

Due to the current development of this show content will continue to change due to audience feedback. No formal review will be kept here and previous statements have been removed. If you are looking for a more in depth analysis I can always be contacted.

The cast: Andi Alhadeff (Julia), Caden Brauch (Tyler), and Joshua Carter (Kevin) all put on great performances considering the constant changes within the production. Overall I had a good time at the show and I hope others will enjoy the experience of taking in and molding brand new shows.

For more information about this show and for tickets visit:

Writing Kevin Taylor Cast

Writing Kevin Taylor Cast


Writing Kevin Taylor Creative Team

Writing Kevin Taylor Creative Team (L-R: Brandon Ivie, Will Van Dyke, R.J. Tancioco)



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